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Sharon's 7 Hot Tips to a Winning Scholarship Entry


ONLY VALID FOR 2016 Courses.It always gives me great pleasure to mentor and support our industry in any way possible . It’s my burning desire to grow the skills set of our new generation. This is why I started the SBE Scholarship Programme.

If case you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard, Sharon Blain Education is offering 1 spot in each course scheduled to a scholarship! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I have had many people email and ask for some guidance for their submission. So, I knew I had to share my7 hot tips to help you submit your entry and to hopefully give you the chance to experience one of our award winning long hair courses.

We are heading to Sydney | Perth | Santa Monica | New York | Canada | Germany. To see our 2016 calendar, click here.

To see all details regarding our SBE Scholarship Programme, click here


1. I am looking for two HUGE key factors – enthusiasm and a proactive nature.
2. If you are a self-developer, highlight this! We love to see someone which is actively self-educating themselves.
3. How motivated and dedicated are you? Tell us your personal education goals.
4. Let us see how you want to grow in your field and become the best version of you.
5. Do you love to volunteer/assist people in our industry? We want to know. Don’t be shy, tell us. If you want to be at the top of your game, prove it to me!
6. Remember to stick to the guidelines (no more than 400 words) and get to the point. Really highlight the above 
7.Most importantly, submit your entry 6 weeks prior to course commencement, you don’t want to miss out. 

Good luck to everyone who enters – you are all amazing! - Sharon x

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