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Russian Tears Collection 2017


I am thrilled to share with you, my new avant-garde collection, Russian Tears. It was months of prep and I hope you enjoy the inspiration behind the images and videos. A huge shout-out to the ever so amazing photographer Anthony Friend and the team below. It was an absolute pleasure to bring Russian Tears to life. Thank you x

The inspiration behind this collection was the plight of families caught in the 1917 Russian Revolution. I wanted the images to tell the story. To capture the feelings, sorrow and gentle tear-stained skin in a vision of pure emotions.

Amidst the revolution, Russian royalty and aristocratic families where whisked away in the dark of night to safe places -some to France, Austria and other countries to avoid death at the hands of the communists during this brutal regime.

With the abdication and death of Tsar Nicholas, wealthy Russian families who feared for their lives fled their estates, leaving behind enormous wealth, antiques, paintings and other luxury possessions, carrying with them only a few special mementos, fine jewels and small trinkets.

My collection, ‘Russian Tears’, portrays the rundown dignity of young women left only with their pride, cherished keep sakes, frayed dignity and vulnerability; kept but unkept.

Working with a modernist approach to makeup and hair whilst keeping an ode to the era with styling and props, the hair is a mix of raw, frayed and slightly disheveled pieces in its form. It's more about the essence of the overall image, not just a focus on hair. Shapes include broke burnt texture laces, frayed edges and strong silhouettes combined to deliver a truly overall impact of diversity, beauty and grandeur.

Enjoy x

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Hair: Sharon Blain 
Photographer: Anthony Friend
Make Up Artists: Maria Belt
Colourist: Nam Tram
Stylist: Rod Nova


Creative Director: Anthony Friend
Creative Production: Patricia Arzimanoglou
Creative Assistant: Rony Portillo
Hairdresser:  Sharon Blain
Colourist: Nam Tram
Make Up: Marla Belt
Stylist: Rod Novoa

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