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Inspiration behind my Infinity Collection


Infinity meaning - having no end

For me, this collection has no boundaries, the possibilities are endless. 

Having decided on the name for my collection, I immediately knew this collection must have strong elements of artistic design and creativity - I want hair to represent art.

I set to challenge myself to produce aspects of each image that pushed the boundaries artistically that one could deem almost impossible to achieve using hair.

I wanted hair to work in a magical way that was different, more like 'hair fabric'

I spent many months experimenting with synthetic hair to explore how it could be manipulated and cut through a laser cutting machine without falling apart. Once this unique texture using various sprays and fabric glue was achieved, I was ready to experiment with shapes.

My theory was, if you can create it with paper, then it can be made with 'hair fabric'.The results are evident in the final images.

collection has recently been announced as a finalist by the international press of the AIPP Awards. Since its release, Infinity collection has had an exciting world-wide response from the hair industry, being praised for its unique shapes, craft and futuristic vision.

See the video below

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