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7 Tips to perfect long hair execution


Tip 1
A good consultation is key to the success of dressing hair. Make sure you analyse the texture to establish the necessary tools/ products needed. Remember, NEVER prepare the hair with a straightener as it makes the hair too slippery to work with.

Tip 2
Want to achieve the perfect pony? Remember to directional blow dry the hair: this will simplify the steps to pony perfection. To understand my directional blow-dry theory, watch it my video here

Tip 3
We all want to achieve gorgeous and correct wave movement. A great tip is to blow wave the first movement of the wave to ensure wave perfection. Always make the curl formation flat and round for a perfect wave result!

Tip 4
Creating the perfect design is all in preparation. Use long fringe pins to hold the design you have just created in place. Remember to only secure with bobby pins once the design has been arranged!

Tip 5
Another great tip to secure the design in place is to cross pin the hair. Simple and effective! 

Tip 6
Hide that bobby pin! While educating on the road, many stylists love simple techniques to hide bobby pins from showing. By using a stitch pinning technique to secure the hair, this will hide the pin in your design leaving a picture prefect long hair do! #sharonblain #longhair #sharonblaineducation

Tip 7
Last tip of the day! Here is another technique used to prevent pins from showing in your long hair creations. By using a latch pinning technique this will hold the hair in place and keep those unwanted pins from popping up and making an appearance. For all of today’s tips, check out my wall and have a flick through. Long hair styling does not need to be daunting. By following rules and techniques your confidence will grow and you will be able to tackle any long hair challenge. Check out all my 2016 long hair courses at www.sharonblain.com/courses. Let’s make 2016 a year to evolve your long hair skills. Enjoy and Happy styling!

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